How to make galaxy cakesicles (cake popsicles)

Sept. 30, 2019

Written By: Adriana

If you've ever made cake pops, you should definitely give cakesicles a try.

In this recipe, I'll go over the basics on how to make cakesicles using a silicone mold, and show you how I made galaxy-themed cakesicles by creating a marbled effect with candy melts.

Scroll down to see the full video tutorial as well.


How to make cakesicles

The process goes like this:

  1. Using candy melts or melted chocolate, you paint a coating inside of a silicone popsicle mold.
  2. After the coating has hardened, you then fill the molds with cake (either cake mix or homemade is fine) mixed with frosting.
  3. Next, you insert popsicle sticks into the tray, paint on a final back coating and let it dry until it's hardened.
  4. Remove and enjoy!

I find that making the cakesicles using this method (rather than a dipping method) produces a beautifully smooth and professional looking cakesicle because you use the smooth surface of the mold to your advantage by painting directly on it.


How long do cakesicles last?

Cakesicles can be kept at room temperature as long as you would keep a cupcake, which is typically a few days. It really depends on the type of frosting you use, but you're filling the cakesicle with a cake pop mixture of cake and American buttercream, just keep them in a covered container at room temperature (not too hot, though) and they should be fine.

I've not experimented with freezing cakesicles, but I would worry that with candy melts and the density of your cake/frosting mixture, if there is any expansion that the melts would crack.

What supplies do you need to make cakesicles?

Check out my cakesicles resources page for all the specific supplies that I've purchased and use all the time to make my cakesicles. I've amassed quite a collection of these molds, and I know that some work better than others. This list also includes ideas on packaging individually and in boxes.

Check out my video tutorial on how to make galaxy cakesicles:

There are also many different fillings you can use:

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