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Aug. 7, 2020

Written By: Adriana

Number cakes are layer cakes that are cut into the shape of a number (or letter!). After a sheet cake is baked, a paper template is placed on top to get the proper shape desired. The cut cakes are filled with frostings or pastry cream and then stacked. The tops can be decorated with piped designs, or various candies, cookies, or flowers.

number 2 cake-3.jpg

These number cakes are a variation on my other popular letter cakes. This time I decided to bake a lemon cake and fill it with Condensed Milk Buttercream Frosting. You can use any combo that you like, whether it be chocolate cake or vanilla cake, and any buttercream will work, except for those that are overly soft, such as cream cheese frosting.

To get the exact recipe that I used for my cake, go to my Cakeculator and choose "Half sheet pan...". It will give you the exact recipe amounts and timing to bake a cake perfectly in a half sheet pan. If you choose a frosting, it will give the right amount to both fill and decorate your cake.

I picked Lemon Buttermilk for my cake flavor and Vanilla Condensed Milk Buttercream for my frosting. Choose any flavor combos that you like - this is your chance to be creative with this cake, and since I've tested all these recipes for baking, you can really come up with any combo that suits your needs.

The printable templates for this cake are located right here:

Number Templates

Letter Templates

The cake boards are also in that post if you're interested in using the ones that I have!

Video Tutorial:

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