Marbled white chocolate cakesicles (cake popsicles)

March 25, 2020

Written By: Adriana

In this tutorial, I’m going to go over how to make marbled cakesicles using colored white chocolate, a silicone mold, and cake pop filling.

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Cakesicles, or cake popsicles, are cakes on stick that are covered in chocolate or candy coating. These are really versatile and cute desserts - you can cover them with white chocolate, dark chocolate, and candy melts. Decorate them however you like by just drizzling some leftover chocolate and placing some sprinkles or candies on top.

Below, I’ll show you my “outside-in” technique for making cakesicles. This means we create the shell first by painting the silicone mold, letting that harden, and then filling with cake pop mix.

As for the fillings, if you have leftover cake, then great! Mix in some frosting (about a TB at a time) and you have cake pop mix!

And since we are using the “outside-in” technique, you can use softer fillings than if you were to make the cakesicles using an “inside-out” method. (Where we would need to freeze the interior first before dipping in chocolate.)

You could layer in some jam or caramel sauce with that cake mix, which is what I mean by softer fillings.

They do take a bit of practice to get right, but I’ve laid the tips for you here 👇🏼 so let’s get started.

What supplies do you need to make cakesicles?

To make these marbled cakesicles at home you will need:

  1. White chocolate (or candy melts)
  2. Oil-based “candy” coloring (optional)
  3. A silicone mold with popsicle sticks
  4. Cake pop filling
  5. Food safe paintbrushes
  6. Sprinkles for decoration (optional)

How do you make marbled white chocolate cakesicles?

I’ve made a video tutorial thoroughly explaining every step of my cakesicle process - take a look ⬇️

How long do cakesicles last?

Cakesicles can be made ahead of time and stored at room temperature as long as there are no dairy other than butter (i.e. cream cheese frosting, whipped creams, etc.) I would say you can leave them out as long as you would leave a decorated cupcake out on your counter. (Keeping in mind that you shouldn’t be leaving these things out if you have a high room temperature, say above 73 degrees F.)

If you have used a dairy that must be refridgerated, you can keep the cakesicles in the fridge, just be aware that chocolate often collects moisture from the air on its surface. If you can keep them in an airtight container and in a fridge with relatively low humidity, that would be best.

Can you make cakesicles ahead of time?

Ah, this is the beauty of working with cake. ♥️ Unlike my other pastries (I'm looking at you fruit tarts...) you can make these ahead of time and they still taste fantastic. As with most baked goods, try to make them as close to your serve date as humanly possible, while keeping into consideration my comments above about how long they last. If I need my cakesicles by Saturday, I will spend Thursday filling the molds, and Friday decorating/packaging.

Can you freeze cakesicles?

Theoretically, yes you can, though I never have. (They are always gone before I would even think of freezing them.)

I’ll tell you why I think freezing them should work. If you use my “outside-in” process above, meaning you paint the insides of the mold with sufficient chocolate and then *lightly* fill with cake pop mix, it should be ok to freeze.

If you make cakesicles using what I call the inside-out method, meaning you fill the molds with cake *first*, then dip your frozen cake into chocolate, you run the risk of cracking your cakesicles.

(which gets to the next question…)

Why do cakesicles crack?

Water expands upon freezing. Any water molecules that exist in your cake pop mix that was not properly frozen during the initial freeze will remain liquid. So when you dip your cakesicles and then freeze for storage, you run the risk of water expansion of the filling, which will crack the outer shell.

Did I leave anything out or are you having any issues with this recipe?

Leave me a comment in my youtube video tutorial or message me on instagram. I’m a problem solver; let's figure it out together!

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