How to make Bento Cakes

Sept. 15, 2020

Written By: Adriana

Bento or lunchbox cakes are miniature cakes, around 3-4 inches in diameter that fit neatly inside takeout boxes. They are great for mini celebrations, little gifts for friends, or just because 🌈 There are so many options for these mini cakes and if you're good at piping letters, you can even write a little message on top! Use all types of cake and frosting combinations, from whipped cream and buttercreams with different flavor of cakes.

bento cakes-1.jpg

Check out my cakeculator to choose your cake flavor and frosting! Be sure to select "half-sheet pan" for the cake size to get the perfect proportions.

In the video, I choose the colors for my cake using Coolors.

Check out my recommended decorating tools to get an idea of what I use to stack, frost and pipe my designs on these mini cakes.

To get the exact mini cakes, I used these materials:

(amazon links)

Round Cookie Cutter Set

Gel Food Coloring

Recyclable Plastic Takeout boxes:

Kraft Paper Boxes with Window

Round Printable Labels

Full video tutorial right here:

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