Heart Hot Chocolate Bombs

Jan. 2, 2021

Written By: Adriana

Hot Chocolate Bombs are typically spherical hollow chocolates that are filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows. Instead of using the half spherical silicone molds, we'll be using two different heart molds. One is a geometric shape that is also symmetrical, so we'll take two halves and put them together to create an entire bomb. The other shape is non-symmetrical and has a flat base, which we will create out of chocolate.

I have a ✨shop✨ that has all the exact molds that I use in my tutorials.

As of now, I have sold out of the pink geometric mold, but I have some of these rounded heart molds left:

White heart mold wm opt.jpg

Click here to see this mold in my shop!

And here is the tutorial for these heart chocolate bombs. If you're looking for a specific ingredient, I always try to list them below the video for reference 😀

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