Berry Chantilly Cake

May 7, 2020

Written By: Adriana

This berry Chantilly cake contains 3 layers of soft butter cake and is filled with fresh Chantilly whipped cream and berries. It is a dream to eat because it hits all the dessert spots: sweet cake, tart berries, and creamy frosting.

Berry Chantilly Cake

My berry Chantilly is my family's favorite cake.

There is not a single person, child or adult, that will not eat and enjoy this cake. When we serve this cake, my children get scarily quiet. (Their mouths are full of cake.)

I have family who really enjoy Asian-style cakes. You know the ones you buy at Asian bakeries (here in CA, that would we 85 degrees Bakery, Paris Baguette, and the like) They are usually sponge cakes, meaning they are very (VERY) light in fat, texture, and sometimes flavor, and frosted with a barely sweetened whipped cream.

As someone who grew up eating funfetti cupcakes and stuff, most Asian cakes are too lightweight for me. I need sweet! I need flavor! I just ate a cheeseburger and I need some butter-laced carbohydrates, preferably with my hands!

But I know that most American style cakes are quite heavy for Asian palettes - thick butter cakes frosted with even thicker overly-sweet American buttercream.

Number one, you will never find a gross cake like that on this site....which leads to my number two: the solution to this problem; the just right bowl of porridge from Baby Bear. A middle ground, if you will.

This Chantilly cake is buttery soft and light enough as it is moist. The Chantilly frosting adds the creamy, fatty mouthfeel between the layers and has a hint of almond flavor. (Another +1 for the Asians)

Berry Chantilly Cake interior

And to round it off, the berries add a tartness to offset the sweet of the cake, which often gives you that "complete" feeling you get from a really great dessert. (That's often the solution when people say that a dessert is too sweet.)

Berry Chantilly Cake

Tip for making everyone super-happy? Serve with an extra bowl of whipped cream and washed berries so people can add more to customize their slice. 😎

What is Chantilly Cake?

If you're not familiar with Chantilly cakes, they are usually referring to a vanilla type cake that is frosted with either cream cheese or mascarpone whipped cream. (Although wikipedia states that Chantilly cake can also mean a German chocolate cake without coconut. Well, to each her own, and I'll have to try that because I love German chocolate cakes.)

A quick Google-y search will show that most people are probably referring to the vanilla version.

Berry Chantilly Cake slice

How to make my Berry Chantilly Cake:

I have created a full length video tutorial. I go through every single step from baking and cakes to frosting and decorating the cake. If you're interested in making this recipe, please view the video first because you will get a great looking cake if you follow my method.

Berry Chantilly Tutorial

The full recipe and ingredient list are on my Cakeculator (it's a "cake calculator", cake - cu - later 🤓) page.

Go to the Cakeculator homepage, and choose:

Cake Flavor: Golden Vanilla

Cake Size: Cake: 8 inch round, 3 layers

Frosting Flavor: Chantilly Whipped Cream with Berries

I highly recommend printing the recipe out so that you can check each item off as you go.

Feel free to customize your size, which is the whole point of my Cakeculator. Want to make only 2 layers? Pick the 2 layer option for the Cake size.

A four layer cake would be huge but also hugely delicious, so it's up to you. The video tutorial makes a 3 layer cake, which is perfect for my family.

I'm constantly updating that app, so other flavors may have empty descriptions at this point. However I have tested every flavor and each is developed for both cakes and cupcakes.

Have fun!

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