About Adriana

Welcome! I built this site to share all my recipes with you

I'm a bit of an introverted nerd; I tend to spend my free time: baking, science-ing, programming, and making videos.

It pretty much all started with a single video that I made about galaxy cakesicles, and from there I've made videos on cakes, hot chocolate bombs (omg those were fun), and all kind of sweet treats.

My brain is a never-ending idea machine, so I have lots of things in the works. I tend to be pretty active on social media if you want to drop it and say hi:

YouTube channel (full length tutorials)
Instagram (short vids and stories)
TikTok (daily baking tips)

For all business and sponsorship inquires:

Current sub stats:
YouTube - 42K
Instagram - 32K
TikTok - 101K (TikTok Education Partner)

please contact: tastypastrykitchen at gmail dot. com
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