Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Sept. 2, 2019

slice of apple pie

This recipe makes a lovely pie filled cinnamon apples baked in caramel sauce. This pie also has a side effect of turning you into the most amazing wife/boyfriend/spouse/son/Homo sapiens etc. (trying, so apologies if I left someone out) because your house will smell like a cute cottage bakery.

There's extra caramel for drizzling atop pie slices and accompanying ice cream, if you so desire.

Apple pie is an important recipe to have for any baker, so we're going to walk through this together to get it right.

In general, fruit pies work if you succeed at one thing: cook the fruit filling (soften the fruit and thicken the juices) in the exact time it takes to bake the crust.

In other words:

Cook the inside and the outside of the pie at the same rate.

delicious apple pie

It's easy to say, a little harder to do.

But I've messed around with fruit pies enough to gather a bit of wisdom that I'd love to pass on.

Tips for a crispy crust and perfectly cooked apples:

1. Apple Type

Lovely Grannies

I prefer Granny Smith to other apples for a few reasons.

First, flavor-wise they are more tart/sour, which you'd need to offset the sweet caramel. Second, the texture tends to hold up in that they don't turn to mush as readily and are not mealy when cooked. And my favorite reason? It's always available and you're not searching around the grocery store for some obscure seasonal apple variety.


For flavor and texture, use at least half Granny Smiths apples. If you prefer a sweeter pie, use other baking apples for your remaining half. (A 100% Granny Smith pie is my favorite, because it offers a bit of tartness to a very sweet dessert.)

This first rule goes hand in hand with the next rule, which is...

2. Precook your apple filling (just slightly)

apple pie filling in a giffy

You're using (mostly) Granny-Smiths here, which have a great texture when cooked properly.

This can go wrong two ways:

  1. You undercook the filling. The apples will be raw and the juices will be too watery, thus saturating your raw pie dough before it can crisp up. (aka The Dreaded British Bake Off "Soggy Bottom")
  2. You overcook the filling. The apples will be dried up or even mushy without shape or texture, and no juices will remain. There will be holes in your filling and there may even be a huge gap between the top crust and filling, or even the look of a very sunken pie.

To prevent these situations: par cook the apples slightly and concentrate the juices until syrupy. To start we first macerate the apples, or draw water out of the fruit by adding sugar and letting it sit in a bowl for almost an hour. Then cook it down in a pan until apples are just starting to cook on the outside but are still pretty raw on the inside and the juices are bubbling and syrupy.

Another secret... allow the filling to cool COMPLETELY. Eating a pie resulting from putting hot precooked filling into a raw, cold pie dough should be a form of punishment. (It will give you the soggiest crust ever.)


Toss the sliced apples in sugar-cinnamon-nutmeg for about an hour. If I'm doing this in one day, I usually do this step first, and let it hang out on the countertop while I make and rest the dough. If you're super prepared, do this step the day before and keep it in the fridge. (If making the day-of, cool filling completely before adding to pie.)

3. Freeze the assembled pie before baking

frozen apple pie

This rule is straight from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Pie and Pastry Bible playbook. Freezing the pie allows the filling to cook at much slower rate than the exterior of the pie. This method allows you to cook the pie at a high temperature and create a crispy, flaky bottom crust before the interior juices could potentially soak the crust and cause a soggy bottom.

My freezing pro-tip:

The oven needs to preheat for at least 30 minutes at 425°F. Pop your assembled pie into the coldest part of your freezer while your oven preheats and it should be cold enough to help with preventing a soggy bottom.

Want to watch how I put together the pie? I put together a little tutorial down below:

Here is the full recipe 👇🏼

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