Fig Honey Tart with Pistachios

Oct. 4, 2019

This is a sweet tart crust filled with honey-flavored pastry cream and topped with fresh figs and crushed pistachios. It's an adaptation of my classic fruit tart.

This is something that I do pretty often as the classic tart is very versatile. I usually swap out the fruit for whatever is on hand or growing at the moment. And once you get pastry cream down, it's easily modifiable. In this case, I used honey to sweeten the cream instead of all sugar.


We had a bunch of figs because my parents and I ventured out to a u-pick fruit farm.

We tend to eat figs just plain, but I really think they are the most gorgeous fruit to use for decoration. Typically there is a deep contrast in color between the skin and interior of the fruit and it just looks amazing on top of baked goods.

Here is the full recipe 👇🏼

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