Coconut Mochi Cake

April 17, 2020

Coconut mochi cake is a rich coconut cake with a very unique chewy texture. It uses rice flour, which gives it a similar chewiness that you find in boba tea pearls and Korean rice cakes (tteok). The lack of wheat flour makes it naturally gluten-free. I love sprinkling my version with toasted coconut flakes for a crispy crunch.

coconut mochi cake

The texture of this cake is really remarkable. Whereas most “American” style cakes are really favored with their lightness (sponge cakes) or moistness (butter cakes), this cake is incredibly dense and chewy. And that is absolutely a good thing because that’s the texture that we’re going for.

You can further customize this cake by adding various flavorings. I’m tempted to add almond extract for my next round, or perhaps some berries in the batter. There are also some great recipes floating around that use matcha and black beans.

coconut mochi cake

To make this cake, you may need to make a trip to the Asian grocery store, but it’ll be worth it! Specifically, you’ll need to pick up Mochiko sweet rice flour, full fat coconut milk, and some grated coconut. (You can sub sweetened coconut if you like.)

coconut mochi ingredients

The rest of the ingredients are standard baking ingredients: eggs, butter, baking powder, salt, and vanilla extract.

coconut mochi cake

The process is also quite simple. This is the only cake that I make that uses this "muffin method", which is mixing the dry, then mixing the wet and then combining it all into one bowl. You don't even need a mixer or anything special, just a whisk and some bowls.

Here is a video tutorial on how I make this cake:

Here is the full recipe 👇🏼

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